The Foundation Of An Online Business


The idea of having an online business sounds perfect, after all if you get it right, the lifestyle you can have is what dreams are made of, but the reality is not such the dream you may have been expecting.

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There are more people than ever turning to the Internet to change their lives around, with the lack of jobs and so many losing the job they have, it is no wonder. The problem is that most of these people will never make any money online and that is because they are getting sucked into the dream, instead of seeing the reality

An online business takes just as much effort to start and build as a normal off line business, the only difference is that you can get started for a lot less investment.So when you see that sales page that says you can be making money in less time than it takes to boil an egg, stop and think back to this article, because it ain’t going to happen.

That is dreamland and not the reality of online business. There is no doubt that you can make vast amounts of money on the Internet, there are people making millions of dollars a month, but they all started with nothing and they all learnt how to build a business with a solid foundation.It is true that a lot of these Internet millionaires got sucked into dreamland when they started out, but unlike a lot, they did not give up and they learnt their craft. I also got burned, but I did not give up and I am on a journey that is going to change my life.

I learned that you have to build a solid foundation to your online business and that starts with a plan, you have to know where you want to get to, your destination, in order to start at the right place. Then you need to put a system in place that will execute your plan.

Think of it like a vending machine, you know the destination, that is the candy bar being dispensed and the starting point is you putting the right coins in the slots. Once you take action and load your coins, the system goes into action and you get your candy bar.

Lets say your destination is to supply people with the knowledge to build a tree house and you want to educate as many people as possible. Your start point will be to create the product to teach people how to build a tree house step by step, whether that is a series of video tutorials or a comprehensive ebook. People would be happy to pay for this kind of knowledge.

So then you would need to build your system to connect your start point and your destination together, set up a blog explaining about how you can teach people how to build a tree house and on that blog have a free report that explains your product and how it will help them to achieve what they want, this can then be connected to an opt-in form that is connected to your product/sales page that is connected to your payment processor. Your product will be instantly downloaded when they have processed their payment.

That is just a crude overview of a system that you can put in place to provide people with your product that will help them to build their tree house. Your product needs to be of good quality and provide value and then you will make sales and build a good reputation.

Obviously that is only part of your business, before your powerful system can do its thing, you have to get it in front of people, no one is going to buy your product if they never see it, so you have to put into place some traffic generating strategies, you have to drive traffic to your blog or sales page and then let your system take over, there are many methods to drive traffic, far to many to go into in this article, but traffic generation has to be a big part of your online business. Traffic + Offer = Money.

So my message is, just like a house, your business needs a solid foundation in place and then build everything around that foundation, this takes time, but once in place works for you day in and day out. Once you have a solid foundation you can build a tower block of a business and just keep growing without having to rebuild.

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