How Old is the Earth Really?


From time to time I like to make it very clear that nothing I ever say is original. None of us are clever enough for that. Solomon was right when he said that “there is nothing new under the sun”. Whatever I say has probably been said before and in many instances more eloquently and with greater conviction.

However, wherever I can, I give acknowledgment for the thoughts of others. On many occasions, though, I simply can’t remember where I heard or read things and then only hope that after I’ve researched the thoughts and expanded on them (as is my custom), that someone (who knows nothing about or has no regard for the wisdom of Solomon) will come after me with guns blazing and suddenly claim originality for something I dare to say. You see, when I first took an interest in these things, I never dreamed I would ever be sharing them with others, let alone writing about them and speaking about them either. For many years I gathered material on the subject of ‘Creation as opposed to Evolution and Chance’ for my own personal information. From time to time I then worked on and added to those notes, to such an extent that I can’t always remember where some of the thoughts and ideas came from because they’ve often changed beyond recognition. Not the essence, but the words, because I like to put thoughts in words that I can personally understand and relate to immediately. That in turn makes it easy for one of average intelligence to also understand how to write a cause and effect essay.

Although I believe that anyone should feel flattered if someone uses their words (I know I am), I’m aware of the fact that some do insist on originality and feel highly indignant if anyone says what they’ve said before them. Perhaps they should read the poem “these wonderful creatures” on this very website (which just happens to be so un-original in that God gave me the ability to put verse together and literally thousands of others have schooled me in the English language). Anyone is therefore welcome to say whatever they find useful in any of my articles or books. I know instinctively that Solomon was right about that “under the sun” thing, and as for me, I will try to stay humble enough to remember it.

Why is the age of the earth important? Because if we can make a clear case for a very young earth, not more than about 6000 years (which we can, and do), then evolution stands on its head because it is based on everything “happening” and by “very beneficial mistakes” and also “very, very slowly,” over “billions” of years. And all by the most astonishing and miraculous and dumbfounding “chance,” I must add too.

How old is the earth? That is a very interesting question. Bishop Usher did some laborious academic spadework on the subject and the consensus of opinion among those of his school is that according to the records that can be traced back in the Original Manuscripts from which our Bibles were compiled, the earth came into being about 4000 years before Christ. From my own simple calculations and reasoning as I read the same information in my Bible, I concur basically with his findings. In this year of our Lord, namely, 2008, the earth is a little over 6000 years old.

But what do others say? I simply have to point out that bigotry is very much alive and extremely healthy on planet earth today, and despite all irrefutable “proof” of the total lunacy of the evolution hypothesis, Creationism is given virtually no airtime or script on major media stations and publications. In schools today children are told that the earth is “billions” of years old, and in many countries, teachers are instructed – yes, instructed to “stress that the earth is thought to be at least 4,5 billions of years old.” (Holt General Science Teacher’s Edition, 1985, p.381). These kids are then coming home from school and are “educating” their “uninformed” parents about the merits of believing in “science” rather than all that “outdated” and “archaic” and draconian “religious stuff” found in the Bible. They, of course, still don’t have a clue about the “circular reasoning” of evolutionists. You see, those believing in evolution tell the children categorically that fossils can be dated by the strata they are found in. But guess what? The very same so-called “scientific” people then tell the children that the strata in turn are dated by the fossils that are found in them! I can show you dozens of examples of this weird and illogical and totally dishonest “circular reasoning” of theirs. But you see, they feel so secure in the fact that they can hide behind school “science” text books wherein they masquerade as “scientists,” that they make these monumental blunders with impunity in their unbelievable arrogance. They think, of course, that all people are stupid enough to believe them. News flash: Not all of us are that stupid! And sadly, most parents don’t have the knowledge to counter the evil reasoning their children are coming home with. Consequently, because knowledge is strength, in that people respect those that have it, the children unfortunately loose all respect for their “backward” parents when these have no answers for their children’s cleverly “mentored” questions.

Evolutionists have been industriously brainwashing the na├»ve and unschooled into believing their lies, and to such an extent, that a large percentage of humanity today believes that so-called “science” has it right and “religion” needs to be relegated to the file marked “obsolete.” Little do they know that there is nothing remotely scientific about evolution at all! It’s all a pack of fabrications, assumptions, notions, guesses and in most cases, pure obscurantism that refuses to look at the abundant proof of its lunacy. The fact of the matter is that it is nothing short of a pack of deliberate lies!! Now no one is going to argue that the Church has been out-maneuvered in this age we’re living in. The lazy and indifferent Church leaders have not kept abreast of what the world is telling their people and in many instances have not bothered to find out if and why they are wrong. They’ve become complacent indeed and have neglected to do their homework. The result is that the “lie” is rampant among unbelievers and believers alike, and in the latter case, the gullible sheep have swallowed it hook line and sinker. Stressed “pastors” and “reverends” and “priests” and “bishops” and all the other religious titled and ranked gurus are now wondering why there is rank skepticism and disillusionment and cynicism staring back at them from their pews.

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