The Best Restaurant Suffolk Has to Offer in Lavenham


The county of Suffolk is famous for a number of things, but one thing that you might not know that it is famous for would be top quality restaurant food. However, it is a case that a large proportion of the celebrity chefs on the television or who have cookery books for sale in the shops are either from the East Anglian region or they have a restaurant in Suffolk.

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Obviously there are a number of ways that you can tell a good restaurant from a bad one, like the good food guide which is basically the bible of good food. If you can make it into this book then you can guarantee that you will see your sales and profits increase as food connoisseurs flock to your restaurant either to sample for themselves or just as boosting rights to their friends, and it is common knowledge that the best restaurant Suffolk has to offer features in Lavenham rhubarb candle.

One of the reasons why The Great House has been acknowledged as the best restaurant Suffolk has to offer is because of the numerous awards that it has received in its 25 years existence. The last two awards that it received was the 2009 best restaurant in East Anglia presented by the Which? Good Food Guide. This is a deeply prestigious award that all the restaurant Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire all battle it out for, so to come out of that as the top restaurant in East Anglia really adds weight to its credentials to be considered the greatest restaurant Suffolk has to offer.

Another award that was bestowed upon the The Great House in Lavenham was the 2009 Britain’s Best Restaurant With Rooms by the Good Hotel Guide, so if you are looking for a nice place to settle down for a Sunday dinner in 2010 then why not contact The Great House and see if you can book a table, just remember to contact ahead as it is likely that the restaurant will get booked up quite quickly.

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