Does The Domain Name Of Your Website Affect SEO?


Whether the domain name affects SEO or not is a question that puts you in a quandary – isn’t? Well, to cut your confusion, here we clear the point that “Yes” the Domain Name can affect your SEO. Wants to know how? Read below, but before that, it is important to understand what it actually is and how does it affect your search engine ranking? So, let’s take a look.

The Domain Name is basically the web address of your website that helps the visitors to reach it over the internet or intranet. These are mainly used for the purpose of identifying your website and its selection matters the most in the success of your SEO strategy. There are a number of factors you need to consider while selecting the one as the success of your business website depends on it.

Important Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Domain Name:

  • Target Your Keyword: While choosing a domain name, it is important to target one of your important long-tail keywords. It helps to get relevancy factor and make sens ufabet มือถือe to human beings and web spiders, so, they easily crawl it for better ranking.
  • Keep It Short: Make sure your domain name is simple, sweet and short. This is because a long and hard to pronounce name may easily get vanished from the mind of the customer and can affect your search ranking.
  • Use Your Brand Name: You can also use your brand name while picking up the domain name of your website, as it helps to build credibility among more and more people-that too with ease.

Here’s How a Domain Name Affects Your SEO:

  • Affect Your Brand: Having a relevant and meaningful domain name is compulsory because a poor and irrelevant one may not only put a finger on your brand reputation, but also affects your search engine ranking.
  • Break Your Credibility: Another thing that gets affected because of the wrong domain name is your credibility. The credibility of your website helps you win the faith of the customer and if you pick the wrong name, so, it may break your credibility.
  • Never Let You Reach Right Audience: A wrong or improper domain name may create a barrier in reaching the right audience. So, if you want to target the right audience in all the right ways, so, it is important to make a wise selection.

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