How to Prevent Toenail Fungus Today


As always, the best treatment for any problem you can contract is prevention. It is better to prevent an infectious outbreak then to have to use chemicals on yourself. Bacteria and Yeast are microscopic, so how do I stop something I cannot see? The answer is not that easy, but the process is. If you have already shown signs of a toenail fungus infection such as discolored brittle nails then start a treatment method.

Toenail fungus needs a warm, damp and dark area to thrive. The inside of a closed-toe shoe provides the adequate temperature for nail fungus to grow on both your foot and the shoe. Wear open-toed shoes like flip-flops whenever possible. Another reason for this is that your feet sweat providing the second element for fungal growth, and the final element is provided by the fact that your shoes are closed toes, so they are dark.

Wash Feet Often

If you wash your feet often then you can wash away fungal buildup which will reduce the number of fungus that can enter under your toenail. Washing feet can clean debris and wipe out sweat which is great to keep that fungus in check.

Change Socks Often

If after you wash your feet you change to a clean pair of socks then you also eliminate the fungus that was living and growing in your sweaty used socks. This greatly reduces risk of re-contaminating your feet after a wash. Never use the same sock two days in a row. You are asking for trouble if you do.

Get Shower Shoes

Buy a pair of flip-flops to use just for showering at home or in public locker rooms and showers. This will provide a barrier between your feet and the possibly contaminated floor. Toenail fungus is picked up a lot in showers and by walking on public floors barefooted.

Clean Your Shower Regularly

Clean your shower often with a bleach water mixture to kill any live fungus where you stand. Bacteria and Yeast have a hard time living in a clean environment, and they are usually Fungus Clear no match for bleach. You can use vinegar if you are sensitive to the odor of bleach. Vinegar is acidic and bacteria cannot survive in an acidic environment.

Keep Feet Dry!

Always dry feet thoroughly after any wash. Dry feet will keep the fungus from being able to continue to grow. You want to eliminate as much dampness from areas of interest as possible.

Add Yogurt to Your Diet

The bacteria in yogurts with probiotics are good for your system. They actually contain good bacteria that kill bad bacteria like the ones that can cause nail fungus.

Take Care of Circulation Problems

When your circulation is poor you have less fighting cells that can reach your toes which causes you to get infections. Sometimes certain things we ingest contribute to poor circulation such as caffeinated drinks like coffee, and simply minimized caffeine intake can increase circulation. You should ask you health care provider is you have circulatory concerns.

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