Get a Tight Flat Tummy and Reduce Love Handles


Getting a tight, flat tummy may be the ultimate dream for most people today. We would all like to reduce love handles and be able to actually see our six pack abs. I used to tell my daughter that I had these great looking 6-pack abs and she would quickly shoot back,

“I know daddy but they are covered with 2 inches of fat.”

Ouch, did that hurt or what! I still have a little fat left but most of it is gone and you can see the ripples protruding through that now thin layer of belly fat. I had been doing a number of different abdominal specific exercises to try to get that tight, flat tummy and although I succeeded in getting Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews the muscles it did not get rid of the belly fat that covered those muscles. I finally learned the secret behind dumping that excess blubber was to burn the fat away.

Here are a couple of the things I learnt.

  • Eat the correct kinds of food. Yes, I know that fast food is the norm for us today. We like to sit down and eat right away, no waiting, no fuss, just fill me up. Well, if you really want to get that tight, flat tummy then forget about eating at the local “McQuick” fast food joint. And you really need to change your lifestyle so that you are eating fresh, home cooked meals. Stopped buying those frozen dinners and pizzas they are loaded with calories and other not so good for you stuff. You will never lose the belly fat if you eat poorly.
  • Get some sort of daily exercise. Get off of the couch and get busy doing something physical. It does not have to be overly strenuous or take up all your free time. A brisk walk or slow jog 30 minutes four or five times a week. Perhaps you could find a set of stairs to walk up and down half a dozen times or do some dancing in the living room. I even heard of one person who would spin around like a little kid during the TV commercials. Just stretch out your arms and spin clockwise during every commercial and you will burn some fat helping you to get that tight flat tummy you are looking for. Just be careful you don’t knock over the lamp. It does not hurt you a bit to do some abdominal exercises as well. I do pull-ups and my favorite exercise called the plank. These help not only my abs but also my biceps so when I am riding the Harley I at least look like I am in shape.

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