Solar Powered Water Pump Systems


Solar-powered water pumps include positive displacement and centrifugal pump. Both pumps work on the same principle. In positive displacement pump, a pump rotor moves liquid from one side of the tank to another side of the tank through an evaporator or condenser. In the centrifugal pump, a pump blade spins when fluid flows against its axis of rotation. Both of these solar powered pumps may be powered by solar panel as well.

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Nowadays, there are a wide variety of water-pumping machines available in the market. The variety of machines is due to the various needs of different industrial sites bom ly tam truc ngang. Different types of machines are used in construction sites, mining sites, and agriculture fields. Based on the need of the site, the type of water pump is selected.

Before you start the selection process, you need to make sure that you have an understanding of how solar water pumping machine functions. When sunlight falls on the device, light photons are absorbed and this light energy is converted into electricity. Once the voltage reaches a set level, a charge accumulates. The actual voltage varies with the temperature of the device. So, it is better to choose the most appropriate unit for your site. The following sections will provide you with basic information on each machine.

The most common solar energy used in a water pumping system is the photo-voltaic effect. In this process, a PV panel collects sun energy, converts it into electrical energy, and stores it in a battery. A charge is generated by the PV cell once the sun has set and this charge will help power water pumps.

In the second section of this article, we will look at how photo voltaic water pumping systems are used in irrigation systems. Water is pumped from wells and aquifers using solar water pumps. This device works well for surface waters as well as groundwater. Irrigation landscapes using this system allows plants to grow as if they are irrigated by a groundwater source.

The third type of water pumping machine is called the high head pumps. It is designed for pumping very small quantities of fluid such as a few gallons at a time. Many landowners use these pumps for irrigation landscapes since they do not require much space.

The fourth type is called the submersible pumps. The submersible pump systems can be installed beneath the ground or in a shallow well. They normally have an elevated stem. Submersible pump systems work best in shallow wells with low water table elevations.

The last type of machine is a high velocity centrifugal pump. The water is drawn from wells and aquifers with a rotary motion that spins the fluid. This type of solar-powered pumping system is used in geothermal wells and borehole systems.

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