Releasing the BODY


There is a point in our lives when we must take full responsibility for our health and start taking care of ourselves or we eventually become useless to those around us. In some way or another we all carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, and it shows up in physical and emotional pain. I used to think it was selfish-to focus on self. But, now I understand it is selfish- to NOT focus on self. When we use our pain for not being all that we can be, we are simply making excuses.

Feeling sorry for yourself is the cruelest thing anyone could do to themselves- leaving no room for responsibility in choice or action. In a state of self pity, one cannot be useful to friends, families, ourselves, or the world, but instead carries a burden of negative frequency around the planet. I imagine PigPen from the Peanuts comic strip who walked around with a dusting of filth surrounding him. If you can imagine fear, anxiety, judgment or other negative thoughts looking like that to the world, would you clean it up? You might be thinking right now- “you don’t know me”- my story, my health, my issues- you are right…I don’t. And, it doesn’t really matter, because we all have a story- the difference between us is how we attach ourselves to it.

So, how can we change our frequency in the world?

1. Turn off outside information- News, texting, media, negative information that can cause primal triggers to our bodies. The fight-or-flight instinct is very strong in us and it can leave our bodies very acidic. Acid waste is the cause of most of our physical, emotional and mental issues.

2. Ground yourself – Learn to ground yourself in the here and now, whether it be through exercise, work or a breathing practice. Do some practical work that gives you a sense of being in your body, accomplishment, and the present. Gardening, housework, and hands on projects are great ways of feeling centered in the material world.

3. Breathe- a task that many find daunting. We all have a capacity for deep breathing, but very few of us do it. Deep breathing can move energy through your body, releasing toxins, emotional stress, and giving your mind a sense of safety. Shallow breaths or holding ones breathe is a fear reaction, it will tighten up organs, emotions and lymphatic tissue. So try being cognizant of when you are holding, and remind yourself to breathe.

4. Take a walk- walking is like a yoga, you get into a rhythmic breathe, you are able to process all thoughts, it pumps the lymphatic system to release toxins, and all the while you are getting exercise without straining your body. If you can walk outside, in nature, you will breathe in wonderful oxygen and negative ions that promote good health and positive vibration.

5. Stretch- Everyday allow some time to stretch- 15 minutes is a good start. It is a great technique for releasing the body of anything that is holding in it’s muscles, tissues and DNA. Yes DNA, because px7 primal flow reviews a lot of what we hold is ingrained in our ancestry. We can be holding in areas that we may not be aware of that are blue-printed in our DNA. But all these techniques; breathing, walking and stretching can change our DNA. We do not need to be held prisoners to our bloodline- it is truly possible to evolve. We’ve been doing it for lifetimes.

6. Trust yourself – There is a beautiful game that I have found very useful when I am in question with myself. Stand on two bare feet, close your eyes, and find your balance. Imagine your question with all of you- visualize it, say it out loud, or just simply think about it. (The question can be about anything you like) If your body sways forward trust that it is reacting to your thoughts in a positive way. If it stays still, it is neutral to your thoughts. If it falls backward, it is having a negative response to your thoughts and therefore those thoughts are not serving you in any way. You can play this game with food as well. Hold the food in your two hands close to your body and see how your body responds. Trusting yourself will allow your body to release as you will no longer be influenced by others “opinions’ or outside information.

7. Create beauty- Place yourself in places and situations where beauty is prominent. Great music, beautiful sunsets, ocean breezes, tall trees, snowflakes that fall onto your nose. There is beauty in everything if you can open yourself to see it. Beauty is a great reminder of all that life has to offer. I find my most amazing moments to be when I am listening to music and walking/dancing, along the beach or in the mountains. It’s magical, it makes me want to move my body and heal the world.

8. Drop Judgement- Judgement offers no reward. It hurts the giver and the receiver. It poisons human nature and inflicts wounds into the psyche and physical being. I have been a victim as well as a spouter of unconscious words, and each time I have felt the venomous words/thoughts infect my body. Dropping judgement will release the body of harmful acids and negative energy.

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