Top 10 Hair Loss Vitamins and Herbs


Top 10 hair loss vitamins and herbs that you will find for treating hair loss. The process of stopping hair loss and growing back your hair takes many different things. Diet and the lack of nutrients play a part in how your hair grows or possibly not grow or even fall out. Some of the best hair loss products are those that help provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

1. Vitamin B6 – A water-soluble vitamin that has three chemical forms: pyridoxal, pyridoxamine, and pyridoxine. It helps in multiple functions of the body and is necessary for optimal hair growth. It is also used in enzymes that aid in protein and red blood cell metabolism.

2. Biotin – Is part of the Vitamin B Complex and is crucial in the growth of healthy hair, scalp, and nails. This is important and you should make sure to have a proper amount in your diet.

3. Magnesium – This is helpful for hair growth and for energy and protein synthesis.

4. Zinc – This is a vitamin that is needed to stay healthy. It works to help fight some skin problems like acne, boils, and sore throats. It helps with cell division and also with building and  Sonavel  maintaining muscles.

5. Saw Palmetto – You will hear this mentioned a lot in regards to hair loss. This will directly help to lower the amounts of DHT in the body. It does this by blocking 5 alpha reductase. It works by blocking the receptors that are on the cell membranes that are needed for absorption of the DHT. By lowering the DHT levels in the body this herb helps directly to stop Androgenetic Alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness.

6. Nettle Root – The nettle root works by helping to block two enzymes, 5 Alpha reductase, that helps in the making of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), and Aromatase that make estrogens. There are studies that show the nettle root extract is effective in inhibiting these. This news is good in that these are leading causes of hair loss.

7. Gotu Kola – will help in the processes of hair growth, skin, and collagen. Gotu Kola is found to be of help in the healing of small wounds and relieving of skin irritations. Another way that is helps is in maintaining blood vessel integrity and also in circulation. Another benefit of this is that it has been known to improve both memory and concentration.

8. Pumpkin(Cucurbita Maxima)Seeds – The oils that you get from the extracts of the seeds are known as a natural hair loss remedy. The extracts work by lowering the testosterone levels that are found in the body.

9. Eleuthero – This is also sometimes known as Siberian Ginseng(glandular). It is a part of the ginseng family, but not the same genus as panax ginsengs that are more popular. This has been used extensively throughout history to help with promoting natural healthy hair and hair growth in general.

10. Muria Puama – This is helpful in the synthesis of protein and also in many other natural functions of the body. The important of this is that protein is needed for proper and healthy hair growth.

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