A Quick Primer on Promotional Polo Shirts

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A polo shirt is a polo shirt is a polo shirt. Or is it? When you’re buying promotional polo shirts as a marketing or branding item for your company, there are many things to consider before making your choice. Here’s a quick primer on choosing and ordering promotional polo shirts for your business.

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What’s It For?

Who will be wearing your promotional polo shirt, how often and how long? If you’re ordering promotional polo shirts for a one-off event to be worn by your employees and staff, you can get by with a less expensive, lower quality polo shirt than if you intend the shirts to be your employees’ daily uniforms. Likewise, if you’re giving out the promotional polo shirts to the competitors in a golfing charity event, quality will be important. While you should always opt for the highest quality that your budget will allow, there are times when quality can be a lesser consideration than price เสื้อโปโล.

Polo Shirt Styling

There are many styles of polo shirts available, and each presents a slightly different image of your company and your product. A contoured ladies’ shirt in two colors may be an ideal promotional item for an event, but be too sporty looking for use as a uniform on the sales floor. Keep in mind the image that you want to represent of your company when choosing the style of promotional polo shirts that you’ll purchase.

Consider the Cost

The final cost of your polo shirt will be dependent on the base price of the shirt, plus any additional costs for printing and customization. Many promotional gift catalogs include the cost of printing your logo in one color and in one location in their base price, but be sure to check the details. In addition, there will usually be a setup cost for your order for each color to be used in the printing. There may also be additional costs for individual packaging and for special processing. The best way to be certain of the costs is to decide what you want, then request a quote from the supplier.

Choosing Colors

Depending on the shirt that you choose, you may have a wide choice of colors, or be confined to just a few. When deciding on a color for your shirts, be sure to take into account the effect of that color against the print colors of your logo or embroidering.

Embroidered or Printed?

Most shirts can be screen printed with one or more colors, but not all shirts are available with embroidered logos. If you want your logo or company name to be embroidered rather than printed, be sure to choose a shirt on which embroidery is offered. You should also expect to pay more for an embroidered shirt than you would for a printed shirt.

Where to Print?

There are three standard locations for printing on promotional polo shirts. The most common is on the left breast, where a pocket would be if the shirt has a pocket. The print area is generally about 125mm by 75mm – the size of a shirt pocket. The second area that may be printed is the right or left sleeve. The final area that is sometimes printed is across the shoulders of the back.

If you’re looking for promotional polo shirts or other promotional clothing items for your business, you’ll find an enormous selection of them online. Feel free to browse the selection, then contact an experienced account manager for assistance with your order.

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