How to Choose Full Screen WordPress Themes for Photography and Portfolio Websites


Get acquainted with full screen themes – full screen WordPress themes are simply themes that occupy full screen width and height with images or video backgrounds. Themes created for WordPress or any website, are usually fixed – width designs. There are other themes that come with fluid design, that is, with 100% width. It mean themes with full width and height of browser window where the background comprising the large images or HTML 5 videos occupy the entire screen. Alternatively, you can embed Flash too, provided you are OK with it. The main reservation that people have with using Flash is that iPads and iPhones do not support Flash. But this glitch can easily be overcome with a bit of smart coding and development, and the theme can be run in iPad with HTML 5 video and flash video on desktops. Finding the right theme will help you tide over these constraints smoothly nulled theme for wordpress.

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How the layouts are designed?

Menus usually are positioned at the top of website. There are themes where the menu is added on the left side. However, for larger screens, opting for with left side navigation will mean comprising on UI easiness. The user will then have to scroll too much to reach left side on bigger monitors. These type of themes look good when the menu is set on top. It makes navigation easier and quicker.

A full width and height image forms the background. If you are going for a video as your background, then the video occupies the full screen. There is also the option of adding background music to themes. But it is often seen that on navigation to another page, the music stops. If the theme is developed on AJAX, you can do away with this feature and have the music playing seamlessly along all the pages of your website.

Can i have a Blog Section in Full Screen?

Although the homepage design is full width, blog sections are largely developed with fixed width. But there too, the background is made of an image of full width and full height. Full Screen WordPress themes have traditionally been developed for photographers, video makers and portfolio sites where there is a need to showcase products in images – still or moving – with prominence. It is therefore developed to display products in larger dimensions.

Full Screen Gallery

Full screen galleries too are page templates that fit on full width and height. They automatically play one after the other. But you also have the choice of navigation too. Depending on the theme, a user can browse all products right on the full screen gallery. At times though, the user might have to navigate to another page to access another set of gallery for other categories.

Page Template with Background Image Option

By using page template and assigning background image in Meta fields (or more fields) in the page editor, one can display any image in the page background. It would be prudent to note that this is just an option given by some theme developers and it is up to you to look for such themes. Check out my signature section for the links provided there which will lead you to some of the best Full Screen WordPress Themes with the finest of features.

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