Constipation Medicine – What Are the Best Constipation Medications For Your Symptoms?


There are a number of constipation medicine available in the market today. But what should you opt for? Should you go for the commonly prescribed medications or should you opt for a homeopathic remedy that treats the root cause of your problem and not just the symptoms? This is a question that only you can answer.

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There are three types of constipation – clinical constipation, acute constipation and chronic constipation. For the clinical type, the patient usually feels the usual symptoms like backache, nausea and inability to pass urine frequently. On the other hand, for the acute type, the patient finds that they are not able to pass stools at all, even though the urge to void is great. And for chronic constipation, the symptom can be the person suffering from frequent urge to go to the bathroom despite the fact that they are already having the pain or discomfort in their body. Chronic constipation on the other hand, means that the condition gets worse over time and can cause damage to the colon fitobimbi isilax.

Generally, constipation is treated with medications that act on the intestines and provide relief from the discomfort caused by the symptoms. Commonly used medications include laxatives and enemas. Though laxatives are effective in providing temporary relief, they do not address the underlying cause of the problem. For this, enemas are recommended. Enemas can help in improving the digestive tract’s functionality and ease the symptoms of constipation. But unlike the laxatives, enemas are not effective if the cause of the medical condition is chronic constipation.

Taking an enema once or twice a week can help in addressing the underlying cause of chronic constipation. In fact, it is a very good preventive measure. Chronic constipation, unlike the acute type, occurs when the intestines become weak due to a prolonged problem. When this happens, the bowel movements become weak and the waste matter accumulated in the colon gets trapped. The trapped waste matters ferment and develop toxins which are the main components of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. To avoid this problem, taking laxatives or using laxatives continuously is not recommended.

To address the problem of constipation, medical doctors recommend the use of bulk-forming laxatives that increase the water content in the stool. Bulk-forming laxatives increase the water content in the stool by hydrating it. Bulk-forming laxatives are usually introduced into the rectum via injection. They help in removing the bowels quickly and thus restore the normal functionality of the bowel.

Although these are the most common medications used for constipation, there are many other types of constipation medication available in the market. Doctors recommend the use of natural remedies such as fruits, vegetables, natural fibers, and juices for treating constipation. While these medications can also provide temporary relief from constipation, prolonged use of them may lead to dependency and even side effects.

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