Cigarette and Trade Cards As Collectables

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If you are a collector and you are looking for a new, or totally different collectable, you may want to have a look at cigarette cards.

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Even though cigarette cards were only produced for seventy years from the 1870’s to 1940, they are still fairly easy to find and collect. The reason for this is because there were so many produced. Back in the 1870’s cigarettes were sold in paper packets. cardboard inserts were put in the packets to keep them rigid and to keep the contents from breaking. An American businessman got the great idea of advertising on these cardboard inserts.

This form of advertising became popular and the cards became collectable. As years passed the ads became more and more elaborate and with the addition of color printing the cards became very popular. Because of the subject matter of the cards, and the fact that most people would not be able to afford books, people would use them as their window to the world ขายบุหรี่ไฟฟ้า. The cards covered everything from, world wars, movie stars, famous golfers, wildlife, ships, flags, emblems, animals and thousands of other topics. It can even be argued that the cigarette cards would have had a profound impact on the advancement of printing technology, and pushed it forward at a more rapid pace.

Because of the popularity of the cards most large cigarette companies would have had their own printing production department in their factory. Sets of cards would become larger and larger thus boosting sales.

Because of world war two paper was not available so the cigarette cards came to an end. Because of the cigarette card other companies began placing cards in other food products after the war such as gum, tea, etc.

Today there is a renewed interest in collecting and especially collecting cards. The great thing about the cards is that because of the wide range of topics that the cards cover, collecting them appeals to many. They also cover a pivotal time in history and are illustrated so beautifully, plus they don’t require much storage space.

Just to prove the investment value of some of these cards a Honus Wagner card sold for over 2 million dollars.

Some of the categories that these cards cover are Dogs, Soccer, 1930’s Movie Stars, Silent Movies, Boxing, Automobiles, Golf, Old Tennis, Railroad, Boy Scout, British Royalty, WW2, Battleships, Horse Racing, WW1, British Buildings, Gardening, Science, Space, Motorcycle, Music, Dinosaur to name a few.

Because cigarette cards have been around so long there is good documentation and grading for sets. There are a few ways to store these or any other cards you may collect. If you are buying purely for the investment then they should be stored in an airtight container. Like most people, if you want to be able to view them, place them in plastic in an album. Many people frame these cards because of their beauty.

Grading cards is normally done by the seller of the cards even though there are grading companies that will do it for a fee. If you are looking to buy cards then you can use the following grading system.

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