Weill’s Greatest Hits on CD


“We Are Caribou” is an amazing new CD by Canadian rock band Chvrches. They’re fronted by lead singer Scott Weiland (vocals/guitar), with John Butler on guitar, vocals, and keyboards. The band formed in Vancouver, Canada, in 1996, and their sound is characterized by a mixture of traditional song structure, pop songs, and even some noise pop. Most of their music is produced by Weill’s brother Michael. The group has only released one album, “Chvrches Confide”, so it’s really hard to tell if they’ll ever put out another full-length album.

On “We Are Caribou” Weill is joined by guest stars from other famous songs, like David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. This is a great track, because Weill plays bass/lead for this song, and he knows his stuff. Also on this track is Weil’s daughter-in-law Melvina Labrekson on keyboards, and her voice is lovely. It fits Weill’s hard-rock style perfectly. There is also some interesting drumming on this song We Are Caribou.

The first half of the album is quite bland, with nothing except some quiet guitar. The guitar gets a little more interesting towards the end of the album, when the songs get faster. One of the better songs on this album, “The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”, is fast paced, featuring heavy playing by Weill on bass. The lyrics are about the teenage drug addict/activist, Ricky Bobby, who were in the center of the Canadian drug scene, and killed himself at age 17.

“We Are Caribou” features two of Weill’s daughters, Melvina and Melinda Labrekson on guitars. These girls have a lovely singing ability, and they bring their families with respect and fame to the forefront of the album. The lyrics are about their close relationship with Weill – how he supported them, gave them his blessing when they started out in the music business, made sure they graduated from college, etc. This is an amazing album, with heartfelt songs about family, and spirituality. If you need to make a quick trip into the spiritual side of life, this is definitely the album for you.

“We Are Caribou” includes the hit “Bodhisattva”. This song has topped the charts for three weeks straight, and it has been sold platinum. The song tells the story of a young man in India, who takes a vow – to become a vegetarian after graduating from college. He comes to the United States and tries to find a spiritual movement that is similar to what he learned in his home country. He is joined by other young people who also take similar vows. They form a club – “Bodhisattva.”

It is definitely worth checking out if you like Weill’s past music – and if you enjoy a good old fashioned musicality. It is certainly worth collecting and listening to as many times as possible. It is also fun to sing along to these songs, and look at the pictures included. In this album there are a variety of songs that the listeners can choose from, and they never get too tired listening to Weill’s voice. I would recommend this album to anyone who likes Weill’s music, and who wants to learn more about some of his other great songs that are out on compact disks today.

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