A Few Of The Many Home Security Tips You Can Do Yourself


This article includes about different tips on how to make a home more secure. The focus of the article is on devices that people should consider installing in addition to a home security system. It includes discussion of many types of locks and security equipment.

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By the time you read this sentence, another burglary will have occurred in the United States, one every fifteen seconds to be exact. Over half of those burglaries are residential, usually occurring between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

You might think that you are safe because you have an alarm system. However schlüsseldienst in der nähe, the average burglar will have come and gone in about five minutes that is about fifteen minutes before the police will arrive.

This is not to say that a burglar alarm is not a good idea. They can be good deterrents, but they should not be the sole component of your home security system. You should consider doing several things that will help secure your home and protect your family. You should especially consider doing these things if you are renting because renters are more likely to be the victim of a property crime than homeowners are.

Replace Hollow-core Exterior Doors with Solid Hardwood or Reinforced Steel Doors

Almost eighty percent of the time, burglars enter a home through the door, usually by kicking it in. Hollow-core doors are the easiest to kick in. Solid hardwood or reinforced steel doors are much more secure. Make sure that the door fits the frame snugly v4th no more than 1/8-inch between the door and the jam.

Reinforce the Door frame and the Door Jam

The best door is pointless if the frame is in bad shape or weakened. Reinforce the small screws in any door jams with 2-1/2 to 3 stainless steel or nickel-plated screws. Also, make sure the door jam is solid metal and secured with similar length screws.

Install a Heavy-Duty Strike Plate, a Door Reinforcer, or a Door Barrier

Strike plates are protective metal plates that are installed in the doorjamb. Door reinforcers will help secure the door and prevent it from being kicked in. A door barrier is a device that rests against on the inside of the door when it is shut. They come in a variety of styles and will add extra security to the door when you are home.

Install Double-Cylinder Dead bolts on any Door Located Next to a Window

A double-cylinder deadbolt is one that uses a key on both sides to open it. Using them on any doors that are next to a window will prevent a burglar from being able to break the window, reach in, and open the lock. If this seems inconvenient, purchase a deadbolt with a captive key lock, which has a removable thumb latch. When the latch is removed, they work as double-cylinder deadbolt would. Make sure that you keep the removable latch or the key nearby in case of a fire.

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