The Super Slim Motorola RAZR – A Review Of Its Main Features


Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner these days, and a good example of this is the Motorola RAZR. This stylish yet powerful handset incorporates premium features within a handset which measures just 7.1mm thick.

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In this article I will look at some of its key features so you can decide if it is the right smartphone for you.

Measuring 4.3 inches, the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen on this handset is great for multimedia use thanks to a pixel resolution of 540x 960. Onscreen content is displayed in very high quality thanks to this resolution and up to 16 million displayable colours. Therefore, photos, videos and websites etc are displayed in great quality and clarity with very good colour rendering and brightness. The screen is manufactured from gorilla glass, meaning that if the handset should accidentally be dropped it should not sustain any damage superslot.

The handset comes with 16 GB of internal storage as standard, meaning that there is plenty of user available storage straight out of the box, however this can be expanded by up to 32 GB by installing an appropriate memory card in the microSD slot. Therefore, thousands of music tracks along with videos, photos, documents and downloaded apps can be stored in the handset, available at your fingertips.

As an internet browsing device, the Motorola RAZR is well equipped to provide a fast connection. The optimum connection is courtesy of Wi-Fi, which also uses less battery than 3G, and it does not use up your data allowance which is very handy should you have such restrictions on your tariff. When no Wi-Fi Networks are available, 3G coverage provides a connection with speeds of up to 14.4 MB per second meaning that websites load quickly and YouTube videos stream quickly with minimal buffering. The download speeds available on this handset are on par with the likes of the iPhone 4S and HTC Sensation.

As a camera phone, the Motorola RAZR is rather impressive. An 8 megapixel camera is on hand to take high quality snapshots with a resolution of 3264x 2448, meaning that the results are very pleasing. Features such as autofocus, touch focus, face detection and image stabilisation are provided as standard along with an LED flash, so quality results can be achieved with minimum effort. The camera can also be used to shoot video footage, with the highest setting at 1080p HD, with lower settings also included should you need to conserve battery. Once you have used the camera to take a photo or shoot a video, you can instantly upload it to sites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The Motorola RAZR runs on the latest version of Android (v2.3 aka Gingerbread), although it is likely that the new Ice Cream Sandwich version will be supported when updates are released in the near future. To provide all the computing power necessary to run demanding applications and multitask, the handset packs a powerful 1.2 GHz dual-core processor which lends itself to providing top performance to many aspects of the hardware and software alike.

The features of this handset are on par with many of the more popular high-end smartphones currently available, whilst maintaining stylish aesthetics and of course its very thin profile. If you are looking for a stylish alternative to the iPhone 4S, the Motorola RAZR comes highly recommended.

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