Can Urate Crystals Cause Gout?


Gout is caused by an abnormal condition called hyperuricemia, where there’s too much uric acid within the body. The human body creates uric acid whenever it breaks down certain purines, which are present in the human body and all the food you eat. In addition to the big toe, the most commonly affected joints are the knee, the forearm, and the big toe. This article will tell you how to cure gout naturally.

People suffering from gout should take a low dose of allopurinol. Allopurinol works by limiting the production of uric acids in the kidney, but at the same time nano fast, preventing their excretion completely. It works by keeping uric acids in the urine instead of the bloodstream where they can eventually build up and cause painful gout attacks.

The dosage of allopurinol for treating gout depends on how many pounds you have to lose and how often the gout attacks. The maximum daily dose of allopurinol for people with mild gout is 200mg per kilogram of body weight. If you want to lose a lot of pounds, then you should aim for a higher dose. However, you should always consult your doctor first before taking any medication.

Another way to reduce the risk factors for gout is to maintain a healthy alcohol intake. A good example of a healthy alcohol intake is to limit the amount of alcohol you consume per day. There are a few risk factors for gout that can be controlled or prevented with lower alcohol intake such as a low risk factor for having urate crystals, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and diabetes.

Having a low red meat intake is also another method to prevent or reduce the risk of gout. Alcohol contains purines, which can increase the risk of the attacks. Purines are found in almost all meats and seafood. So if you want to avoid the gout attacks, then you might want to consider lessening your meat consumption or at least trimming down the amount you eat and replace it with more vegetables.

Keeping a healthy weight is also a very effective method to prevent the gout. A healthy weight is defined as below 40% of one’s ideal body weight. Some people need to exercise regularly to keep a healthy weight and avoid gout. It’s also best to avoid alcoholic beverages. Drinking too much alcohol can further aggravate the affected joints and can cause further damage to already inflamed joints.

People who have gout can further suffer from complications brought about by the attacks, especially the inflammation and swelling of the joints. Gout can cause a lot of damage especially to the soft tissues and organs. You might also suffer from acute kidney stones once you have an attack. This condition can lead to severe pain and permanent kidney damage. Your doctor can perform some blood tests to identify if you have gout and if you do, you will be prescribed medication to stop the attacks.

Gout is known to occur mostly among men but women are not excluded from the risks. In fact, gout usually occurs among those who are overweight or obese. The risk for developing gout is usually higher in those who drink lots of alcoholic beverages, especially beer.

Gout attacks can be very painful. They can cause severe discomfort to your joints as well as your body. The symptoms of gout include extreme pain, swelling, redness, warmness, and swelling around your big toe. These symptoms usually occur during nights while you are sleeping. You might also notice that your skin starts to become very dry and flaky. When these symptoms occur, it’s time to see your doctor immediately.

Aside from treating your gout attacks, there are also some preventive measures that may help ease your pain and prevent future gout attacks. Lifestyle changes such as maintaining a low-salt diet and eating food rich in antioxidants may help prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. Drinking plenty of water regularly may help remove the uric acid crystals formed during gout attacks. These supplements such as niacin amide and vitamin C, which are commonly found in supplements, may help protect the kidney stones against the uric acid crystals. This combination may help in reducing the risks of gout attacks.

Another preventive measure is to avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea. These drinks may contain high amounts of purines, which can increase the formation of urate crystals. Doctors recommend that sufferers stop drinking these beverages because they can further damage the kidneys and can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Dietary changes, coupled with regular exercise, may also slow down the progression of gout. Taking these measures may help in preventing gout attacks.

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