Chromotherapy Heals Allergy, Blood Circulation, Emotional or Physical Problems


Life is blank without colors. It is such a life which has no motivation, happiness & excitement. It is a fact that we will not like to think about such a life & that is why we show interest in choosing the colors for the bedroom, clothes & dining room. In our daily life process of bathing is incomplete without colorful bath.

Color organic system

COLOR BATH is a nontoxic natural organic color that you apply to a tub of water. (You can also add it to a sinkful of water or to a foot bath) Color Bath can be used by children and people with sensitive skin or allergies. It contains no FD&C colors, perfumes or oils Color is energy and water is a conductor of energy. The two combined create a beneficial color energy bath.


The “Color Bath” is designed to align the chakras. Chakras, the “seven basic energy centers of the body,” are different areas of the body are associated with archetypes, colors, feelings, and bodily functions.

Chakra balancing

So, if one’s chakras are out of alignment, it could manifest itself in a physical problem like a backache, or an emotional problem like depression (at least, according to people who believe in such things).


According to the beliefs of “Chromotherapy”, or color therapy, one must balance the chakras in order to get rid of the emotional or physical problem. To do this, the sufferer must Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula immerse themselves in the color, either by wearing it, wearing sunglasses tinted with it, or bathing in it.

Such is the background for the “Color Bath”.

Chromotherapy isn’t a new concept. In 1969, psychologist Max Luscher conducted a study on humans and color. Luscher claimed the ability to tell, by acceptance and rejections of colors, aspects of an individual’s personality.

Natural color system

Each color of the spectrum of light vibrates at a different frequency thereby giving you its own special qualities and influence. Color has its own powerful language. Since our human development begins in a water environment (the womb and giver of life), imagine the strength and power when color and water are combined!

Chakra colors

Each color helps us to balance our body’s energy with its own special attributes and power, which are known to affect our mood, energy level and general health. A Color Bath is one easy way to help attain harmony and equilibrium in our lives.

Colors warm

Red, Orange and Yellow are “warm colors and ideal for a morning bath as they give you physical energy to start your day.

Cold color

Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet are “cold” calming colors. They are best used before bedtime although they can be used any time of the day. Pink and Turquoise are also available for extra enjoyment.

Color bath

COLOUR BATH is a nontoxic combination of organic elements, water and glycerin. It contains no FD&C colour, perfumes or oils.

Root chakra

Red is the color associated with the Root Chakra. It connects us to our physical self. Red adds vitality, courage and stamina. It stimulates life energy. Red helps build inner strength, security, willpower and is grounding.

Spleen chakra

Orange is the color associated with the Spleen Chakra. It connects us to our Emotional Self. Orange enhances happiness, confidence and resourcefulness. It brings joy to our workday and strengthens our appetite for life. It also helps remove inhibitions.

Solar plexus chakra

Yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. It connects us to our mental self. It enhances wisdom, clarity and self-esteem. Yellow aids clarity of thought, increases awareness and stimulates interest and curiosity.

Heart chakra

Green is the color associated with the Heart Chakra. It connects us to unconditional love. Green promotes balance, love and self control. It helps relax muscles, nerves and thoughts. It cleanses and balances our energy, giving a feeling of peace, harmony and renewal.

Bath pinkTake two bowls of rose leaves & put it in lukewarm water. Put few drops of rose leaves in it. Now bath with water which is full of fragrance. You will feel fresh the whole day. Remember pink color increases love, excitement & happiness.

WINTER BATH (RED ORANGE) Mix two drops of black pepper, two drops of juniper & three drops of lavender oil in lukewarm water. Red color of mixture gives the feeling of warmness, at the same place orange tone increases the blood circulation of body & increases the circulation of energy in brain & body.

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