6 Natural Aids In Fighting Diabetes


I have been on many sites lately to do with alternate remedies and “cures” for diabetes. A great deal of them want to sell you this or that natural product with no supporting studies offered to make an informed decision. This sounds a little like buying “snake oil” to me.Now I have no doubt at all that there are natural aids to help your body maintain optimal health. However I prefer those that are studied and documented.

I love the internet because it allows me to search out these studies for myself, thereby making an informed decision.

Please do not use any treatment, natural or otherwise without informing your doctor and being under his supervision. The results could be life threatening.

Six that do offer documentation of effectiveness against diabetes are:


– Studies have been done that show that ginseng lowers blood sugar by about 53% in those who took it compared with those who took a placebo. The study was done on type 2 diabetics who were controlled by diet and/or oral medications. Even this is promising, in my opinion, to those of us on insulin in that it could possibly reduce the insulin Reversirol needed. But that is not a study, just a speculation on my part.


– Studies are far from conclusive on this trace mineral, though studies have shown that a low level of chromium exists in those with diabetes. Studies also show that those taking chromium had “significantly improved” sensitivity to insulin. Studies did not show any difference in insulin dependent diabetics. Chromium picolate is not recommended as there have been reported severe side effects. Something to search out studies on for yourself.


– A mineral found naturally in leafy foods, nuts, seeds and whole grains, studies indicate that low levels in the body may worsen blood glucose control in type 2 diabetics. High doses can have several side effects and there is a danger of interaction with several kinds of prescription drugs.


– There have been some studies that indicate that cinnamon may be helpful in controlling blood glucose control in type 2 diabetics who are on medication and diet control and who are not on insulin therapy. The cinnamon that is used in North America naturally contains a compound called coumarin. In large doses it could be detrimental. Please read up about it. But it does seem that cinnamon, in normal dosages, can be helpful for diabetics.


– Some studies show that diabetics have a “suboptimal” level of the element zinc in their bodies. Zinc plays an important part in the production and storage of insulin. There are natural food sources for zinc, as well as supplements available. High dosages can have side effects.


– Animal studies have shown aloe vera gel, taken orally, may reduce blood glucose levels. As with anything, be under a doctors care if considering taking this as interactions could occur and adjustments on medications you take.

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