Where Can I Find a Free Coupon Code?


Hi, I just found out that I can get a free 1 month of WooCommerce using a free coupon code. How do I get it? Where can I find it? Thank you!

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I came across the free coupon code in an article of webmaster forum. The author mentioned that there are some free discount codes that can be found on different coupon code generators online. It looks like they have been around for a few years now. Is the code still valid or does it have been expire on the last used 2d ago.

I did some search on the internet and found coupon code generators that works on most shopping carts, both free and paid. But when I use free coupon codes, the coupons do not save on shopping cart, they just save on the discount given on the shopping cart. This made me confused because I thought the discount codes are meant to save me money.

It seems that this coupon generator works only on free sites. And I guess that they need to make money somehow so they need to make it available on free sites, so you will buy from them again. After doing some search on Google, I found coupon code generators that works on paid shopping carts and they also work on free shopping carts. So I guess that coupon codes are also free to use on both sites. But what about those that works only on free sites Coupon Lazada.

Are those free coupon codes still valid on site? What about those that works on eBay only? Where do I find them? Thanks!

Now that I know my problem, I decided to check out coupon codes which works on their own site, eBay for instance. And sure enough, they are still free and I got the codes. What I did was to join the free eBay member’s area. Then I just entered the free eBay coupon codes in the space where I could have saved them but didn’t because I wanted to see how much discount I can get from them on a certain purchase.

Then what I did was to click on the “Buy Now” button to checkout because free eBay member has special offers every now and then. But I didn’t want to wait more than a couple of minutes because I wanted to see if the coupon would work. So I clicked “Pay Now” and my free eBay coupon code worked. I was very happy. But still I wondered what happened to the coupon code I just got.

So then I looked at the source code I found out that the free coupon codes are sent from eBay directly. So my next question is where do I find these free codes. You know the best place I came up with is free coupon website.

Well, the website does have millions of free coupons but most of them are expired or have already been used. There are a couple of exceptions like a free mug and a free shirt. These are usually very limited time offers so you better act fast if you want them.

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