The Worst Food You Can Eat (If You Want A Flat Belly)


Prepare yourself… I am about to reveal the WORST food of all time. This is the food that should be avoided at all costs if you want to lose weight and/or get a flat stomach. Are you ready for this?

Is it… Desserts? Maybe a McDonald’s Value Meal? Could it be soft drinks loaded with high fructose corn syrup? A cheesy deep dish pizza from Pizza Hut? Something deep fried? Or ice cream?

Even though these foods are all topping my list of foods to avoid, they are NOT the WORST.

The worst food ever is any food that you can’t stop eating. This is so important – take a second to read that sentence again. These are known as your “trigger foods”. The food or foods that you can’t seem to stop eating once you start. Hey, don’t feel bad… we all have them.

While mine may be candy or chocolate, your’s may be potato chips, beer, or ice cream. They all differ person to okinawa flat belly tonic person, and can be easily identified. What is the food or foods that you will continue to eat until either it’s all gone or you’re sick to your stomach? That’s your “trigger food”.

Most processed foods actually contain chemicals that cause an addiction-like behavior to these foods. Tons of research has proven this over the years, and shown why and how these chemicals work. These are partially to blame for America’s obesity epidemic.

While I find it extremely unsettling not knowing exactly what I’m consuming, I try to stick to a raw and unprocessed diet to avoid any additional chemicals. As a professional in this field, I always recommend my clients eat as natural as they possibly can too. The easiest way to do this is to stick with foods that only have one ingredient (i.e. broccoli, turkey, water, etc).

If you truly want to lose weight & get the flat belly we all admire on the magazines & TV shows, it is crucial that you recognize these “trigger foods” and keep them out of your house. I mean… If they aren’t available, there is less chance that you’ll get started on a binge.

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