Low Cost Bidets? Check Out the Toto Washlet C110


The Toto Washlet C110 is one of the entry level bidet toilet seats from Toto, the largest producer of toilets and plumbing accessories anywhere in the world. Although it is much cheaper than the Toto Washlet s 300, it has plenty of the same features and can be bought for considerably less at around $400.

Recent design changes have revamped this Toto Washlet and given it a sleeker design and look. It also incorporates a brand-new remote control panel that is more accessible and easy to use. This, along with the other design improvements from Toto make for real comfort as well as advanced cleansing and hygiene.

The bidet toilet seat can be used by both young and old alike, and is particularly useful for those people who suffer from hemorrhoids and other similar conditions. Personal hygiene is vitally essential 토토사이트 to prevent illness and infection, and the Toto Washlet bidet toilet seat can certainly help. One thing I particularly like about these products is the warm water massage facility that some of them incorporate, providing soothing the cleaning, allowing you to pamper yourself every single day.

If your budget allows you to upgrade to the S300 model, you will find some additional features that are quite useful. Check out the Toto website for their product comparisons, and many of the online retailers for lowest prices available on the web.

One important factor to consider when buying any of these types of products is that you will probably need to do a small amount of electrical and plumbing work to allow them to be satisfactorily fitted. The plumbing work involves tapping into the existing pressure fed water supply to your toilet, which is a fairly simple process, but the electrical work may be a little more involved as you will need to have an electrical outlet in the bathroom behind the toilet to provide power for the toilet seat.

There is no doubt that by a product like this is an expense, but when you consider that the lifetime of the toilet seat will be for many many years, the price does not seem quite so high. There are lots of much lower cost alternatives, but these use only cold water and do not provide the warm air drying and heated toilet seat functions of the Toto Washlet range do.

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