Kissing Your Way Up the Ladder of Bliss! Kissing Like a Pro! REALLY?



What’s appealing about like a pro? IS it appealing at all?

What the hell is that and who wants to kiss like…”A pro”?


A pro? Really? Well, since I’ve never been with a pro, maybe I should rethink that, right? Okay…so maybe kissing like a pro isn’t terrible…I mean, they do it for a living, right? I wouldn’t take advice about building a brick house from a dentist, right? I’d take advice from someone who has done it a lot. So now that I’ve got that straight, I’ll move on to the good parts.

The kissing bit. Ahhhh…and the reason for this article in the first place. Somewhere online I was doing a search for “Feeling good” and I found a picture of two people kissing, and the article that went with it, so of course I started to read the article…I skipped through the introduction and went right down to the numbered tips part. And that’s when I decided that I’d love to try…you know…see if I could write any better about kissing than this person had done.

Please do grade me on this, won’t you?

Kissing is DEFINITELY a “Feel Good” for me. I love love love it. In college I was known to stay up through the night, sitting in the backseat, with the boy in the front seat, kissing over the backs of the front seat, until the sky was painted with the ethereal lavender and pink of morning. Ahhh..bliss…Boys..please keep your comments to yourself, you know you loved it, too. All the arguments you have for what you’d have called this, “Teasing” are just ego. You wanted and expected any girl who wanted to kiss you, to naturally want more. You knew you did. But, you KNOW you enjoyed the kissing too. Just live with it because we know you love it as much as we do. You can’t help it. None of us can.

So, can I write a better description of kissing…

Kissing…the ahhhs, the ins and the outs and the all-abouts.

The art of kissing isn’t anything to be glossed over. Between the sexes or between two consentual adults or growing teens, kissing CAN lead to more…or it can be enjoyed wholly for its own merits, and there are many.

A good kiss can be a powerful and emotional thrill. A first kiss that’s good can make all the difference in the World.

Just as a first kiss that’s not so good. The expression, “it’s in his kiss” isn’t just an expression, boys. You can learn a lot about a person by the way they kiss. I’m not going to go into all of that, but just keep in mind that how you kiss will tell the person you’re kissing something about the kind of person you are and the things you value in life. Kiss with expression.

Ahh….kiss with expression. Just typing that out caused me to inhale sharply and exhale with a sigh and a smile. Oohhhh! Yes! Kissing with expression is a must. It’s powerful and magnetic.

Maybe this will help, when you’re going in for your first kiss…pause for a moment and, if you can, clear your mind of everything but what you are about to do. Pause to think about this person 918kiss you’re going to kiss and what kind of impression you want to give them about you. You don’t want to be pushy or over-eager, but neither do you want to be limp and fishy with your kiss. Say you’ve just met this person and you like them and you want to see them again… you’re not in love, but you definitely want to kiss them.

GOING IN FOR THE KISS: clear your mind of all thoughts but this kiss you’re about to lean into. Think about how you’d like to be kissed if you were curious, interested and unsure. It’s important that you relax. Let out a breath, loosen your shoulders and smile to let your face relax. You don’t want to look tense and scary, you want to look like you know this is what you want and you’re already loving it. That’s why the smile is going to be genuine.

Moisten your lips with your tongue. This can be done at any point before lips connect. It doesn’t have to be “a step”.

Now, As you lean in, you’ll notice that noses can tend to come into contact and prevent luscious lips from touching just right, so turning or tilting your head slightly will come naturally when you relax and focus on the face, and especially, of course, the lips. Keep your eyes open so you can see as your lips near hers. Mmmm…feels good already doesn’t it!

Once your lips gently rest upon her, then you can close your eyes and revel in that first touch, lip to lip.

Keep your lips closed, gently, relaxed and soft, but definitely not open. Holding that first touch, letting the warmth of lips co-mingle for an extended moment can be quite thrilling. The warmth, the touch of your lips to hers, the co-mingling of breath as you hold that kiss, can be ecstatic.

Hold it for as long as you can stand…a few breaths perhaps…maybe a little less, maybe a little more, it’s really up to both participants.

He may find it highly erotic and he may be quite surprised that such a simple kiss could be so electrically charged. She might find it takes her breath away entirely. She may fall back, faint and breathless. Give her space.

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