Bounty Hunter


Sparing no expense in order to rid the Empire of it’s enemies. The ruthless, anonymous and infamous Bounty Hunter’s make their names by fulfilling simple contracts of eliminating targets.

Far from being simple mercenaries for hire, hailing from an ancient brotherhood with a bloody, yet glorious history, Bounty Hunters are skilled assassins trained through the generations in the deadly arts. Trailing their targets through the galaxy, across multiple star systems, although not uncommon to venture into the core worlds to pursue their targets, the most of a Bounty Hunters work take place in the outer rim where targets attempt to disappear from the eyes of the galaxy.

Their abilities in the arena are also a way to prove themselves worthy of being crowned a Bounty Hunter, it also 안전토토사이트 earned them the nickname “Jedi Killer” as they are one of the few who can stand against a force user, Jedi or Sith, and live to tell.

Bounty Hunters preparation before a battle is their best weapon. Although a little extra protection from the top-of-the-range battle armour won’t hurt at all, artisans spend months and months of hand-crafting working on one Hunters suit ensuring that it gives maximum protection from all sorts of damage but still offering complete flexibility.

Although superior tactics and armour are a very good combination, there is still one more factor that Bounty Hunters must take into account. They must actually be able to take out their targets! The simple and messy method of using weapons such as blasters are not always the way to go. But, If all doesn’t go according to plan they may have to shoot themselves out of a sticky situation, and thats where a good blaster will come in handy, it is also not uncommon for a Bounty Hunter to spend as many credits on a superior blaster as they would and entire starship.

Whether working on their own, in a group, for an organisation, for themselves, they are always on alert. Allies and colleagues can turn quickly into deadly enemies if something does not go according to plan, or even worse, if the price is right. Unsurpassable odds, deadly duels and betrayal are just one day in the life of a Bounty Hunter.

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