What You Should Know About Hunter PGV Series Valves


Hunter PGV series valves are a complete lineup of professional-caliber valves known for their durability and optimum level of performance. What makes these valves so popular among agricultural and industrial clients? First, they are made with a Hunter-brand solenoid, which allows for long lasting durability even after extended use. The high PVC construction of these units makes it capable of standing over 150 psi pressure. The internal/external manual bleed feature ensures that the valve box is left dry, while the rigid diaphragm support ensures double protection even in tough conditions. Hunter PGV series valves have captive bonnet bolts, which together with the solenoid plunger, protect against the loss of parts. Additionally, Hunter PGV series valves offer maximum control to users by way of flow control, globe and angle configurations and Accu-Set pressure regulator compatibility.

However, there is another Hunter PGV series of valves that offers even more advantages to residential clients. The Jar Top Hunter PGV series of valves allows service to a Hunter valve but 안전토토사이트 without requiring any special tools to gain access to the internal structure. This makes product maintenance much easier, but at the same time, does not sacrifice any quality or performance for easy accessibility. Like the original Hunter PGV series of valves the Jar Top Hunter series features valves are made of extra-durable PVC material, which is known to be resistant against corrosion and UV-rays. It is also constructed with a rugged double-beaded diaphragm with support; this allows the unit to be leak-proof and prevent any unforeseen stress failure. Lastly, the Jar Top Hunter PGV series valves are made with encapsulated solenoid that ensures dependability over a long period of times, even when tested day-by-day.

The Hunter PGV series is one of Hunter’s best series and a very popular selection with both commercial and residential clients. Hunter is one of the most trusted companies in landscaping and has been since their beginning in 1981. They achieved monumental success with their sprayers early on, but have come to innovate more products in the planting and irrigation market, such as the Hunter PGV series original and Jar Top versions.

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