Automobile Insurance Agents – Are Automobile Insurance Agents Employed by the Companies They Represe


Q: Are automobile insurance agents typically employed by the insurance company or are they a separate entity? If they aren’t employed by them can I contact the insurance underwriter directly to negotiate my premiums?

A: Great question! Automobile insurance agents are usually, but not always, separate entities from the actual company that will underwrite your insurance policy.

Unfortunately it is not usually possible to bypass the agents and negotiate directly with the insurer. The reason for this is that the agents have already negotiated a basic rate with the insurance company. The insurance company has thus removed itself from that part of the process.

If you would rather negotiate directly with the insurance company call them end explain why. A good reason why you would want to do so is to save money by cutting out the middleman.

It may not be a good idea, however, if you bandar judi online are not very familiar with insurance terms and clauses. If the insurer is actually willing to negotiate a policy with you directly you may quickly find you have gotten in over your head.

Good for you for trying to bypass the auto insurance agents in order to save a few dollars, but overall we would recommend using a trusted agent for most people.

For the best deals on auto insurance, we strongly recommend that you shop for car insurance online. Obtain multiple quotes from several different insurance companies, compare them, and then choose the policy that provides the best coverage at the lowest price

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